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Our Local Pharmacy takes pride in offering the best customer service experience you expect from your Local Pharmacy, by being accessible to answer your questions and concerns.
Our Pharmacists and Pharmacy Team are ready to assist promptly - in store, over the phone, pharmacy app, text messaging or through the Drive-Thru and Curbside Services.  

Our local pharmacy can monitor the medications you take and keep up with drug interactions that could result if you are seeing more than one physician or taking non-prescription medicine.  
It is important to inform your entire medical team of all medications you are currently taking.

Our locally owned Pharmacy can offer you personalized service because their team gets to know who you are and your family’s medical history. 

Our Pharmacists can make quality and safe non-prescription recommendations based on the knowledge of your pharmacy profile and suggest a physician’s care if it is needed.

Our Pharmacy has the ability to give complete service in medication information and tax and insurance reports.


Our Pharmacists are willing to give drug information and counsel you about how to get the best results from your medication.

Our Pharmacists can often act as your liaison and advocate with your doctor, other health specialists and insurance companies.


The MR. Discount Drugs of Collinsville Team is made up of local community and surrounding community members who care about you and your community. 

Our Local Pharmacy GIVES BACK by supporting our community and the surrounding communities through donations, sponsorships and tax dollars. 

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