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Our Services

We are a full service pharmacy with drive-thru convenience.  

 - Prescription Services 

 - Over the Counter Medicines 

 - Medication Therapy Management (MTM)



Why It Is Important To Use A Local and Family Owned Pharmacy

- Your pharmacy can monitor all of the medication you take and keep up with drug interactions that could result if you are seeing more than one physician or taking non-prescription medicine.

- A locally owned Pharmacy can offer you personalized service because they get to know who you are and your family’s medical history

- Your Pharmacist can make quality and safe non-prescription recommendations based on the knowledge of your medical profile and suggest a physician’s care if it is needed.

- Your Pharmacy has the ability to give complete service in medication information and tax and insurance reports.

- As your Pharmacist gets to know your family’s medication needs you can be certain they will be supplied and your health care questions answered.

- Your Pharmacist is willing to give drug information and counsel you about how to get the best results from your medication.

- Your Pharmacist can often act as your liaison and advocate with your doctor, other health specialists and insurance companies.

- Your Pharmacist can organize all of your medication and help you remove any barriers that will keep you from feeling better.

Before You Take Your Medicine You Should Know:

- What is the name of the medicine and what is it supposed to do?

- How and when do I take it – and for how long?

- What foods, drinks, other medicines, or activities should I avoid while taking this drug?

- Are there any side effects and what do I do if they occur?

If you have some of these questions still unanswered, please call or stop by and let’s talk about your medication and answer any questions you might have.


Remember, our pharmacists are here to help and it is part of our professional service to you.

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